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            SAFETY SYSTEM

            JOVO has been upholding the core value of “Safety-based,vaule-respected, and harmonization-win”, and always gives top priority to the safety work. Since its establishment, JOVO has been strictly complying with the national safety standards in the field of safety production, taking root in awareness of security, and having careful cultivation and safe and stable operation. JOVO has abundant experience in safety operation management of LNG and LPG terminal, storage tank and refueling station.

            Safety management system

            In 2011, JOVO established a complete set of advanced safety management system, which fully covered safety management structure and safety production responsibility system, safety risk assessment, operation security, training education, crisis management and emergency response, related party management, safety examination and appraisal, and various management systems. 

            Safety traning

            JOVO undertakes large-scale safety training twice a year, including safety management personnel training and medium and senior management personnel safety training, so as to improve the personnel security skills, cultivate the safety reserve personnel, and provide personnel guarantee for the continuous safety development of the company, as well as reinforce the medium and senior management personnel, and assure the safe and stable operation of the company. In addition, the monthly case study and sharing is a monthly must lesson for all staffs of JOVO. The realization of safety accidents incurred domestically and overseas could improve their awareness of safety and effectively facilitate the safety work in their position. 



            safety training

            Safety examination

            The group makes safety management examination and field safety examination to each business department quarterly. Through examination, the management defects and potential safety hazard can be timely founded to effectively ensure the safety production. 


              Safety examination


              Safety examination

            Whole staff safety activity

            JOVO organizes all staffs to take park in large-scale safetyactivities twice a year, such as safety production monthly activity in June and 119 fire skill and safety knowledge competition. Through safety skill competition, knowledge quiz and safety speech, the group fully improves the staffs’ safety skill, reinforces their awareness of safety and popularizes the safety knowledge.


              staff safety activity


              staff safetyactivity

            Safety performance appraisal 

            JOVO considers security as a part of the operation performance appraisal for each business department. The group and each business department execute Letter of Safety Production Responsibilities to ensure the implementation of safety production responsibility system and goal achievement.

            Safety honors

            JOVO has been honored as safety production advanced unit by governmental departments for several times.

            In 2015, JOVO Dongguan Integrated Energy Base undertook “Guangdong Dongguan Hazardous Chemicals Production Security Accident Emergency Drill 2015” co-held by Administration of Work Safety of Guangdong Province and Dongguan Government in 2015. The provincial leaders highly appreciated this drill organized by our group.



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